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    Everybody loves the experience of eating a handmade hamburger at upscale restaurants and gastropubs. Now you can make the ultimate burger at home with our Wagyu and Kurobuta Craft Burger Combination. The marriage of our American Wagyu gourmet ground beef and Kurobuta gound pork is the secret behind creating a superb juicy burger.

    Simply combine equal parts of American Wagyu beef and Kurbuta pork, then season to taste with the included Jacobsen Black Pepper Salt. Just add locally sourced buns and toppings for a burger you’ll go back to time after time. Perfect charbroiled in the backyard or cooked up on your stovetop.

    There’s enough meat to make 8, generous half-pound burgers. Both the ground beef and pork are packaged in easy-to-use 1 lb. packages.

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