Q> How did you come up with the name?

A>    Honestly it was frustration….I was on a website trying to buy paraffin free body wash and was frustrated that I could not find one for men that wasn’t tulip scented- nothing against tulips…..honest!

Q> How did you choose the products on OnlyManStuff.com?

A>    Some from personal experience, some from friends and family. I borrowed a friends Electric Shaver on a ski trip to Vail and it was awesome. My brother told me I had to try OneBlade razors  – loved it! Others were recommended by you and the many others that buy from and support onlymanstuff.com.

Q> Do you stock any of the products?

A>   No, we are just a small locally run shop for men who partners with many name brands like Carhartt – plus do you really have time to look through 87 beard trimmers ?

Q> Why organically sourced products?

A> Our skin and body absorbs what we put on it and in it- good in equals good out!